Full Moon

for my latest film – I added some characters to the the woods – this time it’s a Singapura Cat and a noisy Fruit Bat

some behind the scenes of the characters in production

the fruit bat who hangs from a tree


a dozen sparkling stars for the night sky


the characters are ready for the shoot


the final film – “Full Moon”:


Some new watercolors

I had an incredible trip to Marfa, Texas and visited both the Chinati and Judd Foundation. The trip inspired me to start painting again and doing a little less digital illustrations and some hands-on sketching and watercolors

13243792_10154184829743205_5452186191790091576_o 13235341_10154180935298205_5111839984377422789_o 13116008_10154171098478205_1314920704273934245_o 13227256_10154164066173205_3177274070370350879_o 13123009_10154157434688205_8818097988673844866_o 13173435_10154145264383205_8203903846285129443_o

Lobster Talk

two lobsters discussing the subtle differences in language across the pond from eachother

the first drawing is a lobster eating his favorite snack of fresh corn


Storyboard sketch for Lobster Talk…


the film:

Fox and Bird

The next film up is Fox and Bird – the puppets are getting more refined now that I understand the medium better and the level of detail I can achieve on film. The story is a phone call between a Fennec Fox and his friend, Bird

BIRD CALL IG CALL ME ON MY CELL PHONE12823349_10153965416953205_5038848849280773385_o-1FRANCO_SETUP

to achieve the screen swipe – I printed a couple dozen photoshopped screen images to carefully pull out with an X-Acto knife and replace between shots


here is the final film:

The First Fox Film

With the energy of the class I just attended – I wanted to start on my first stop-motion film using more elaborate paper puppets and a few characters layered on the multiplane setup. First I used a heavy cardstock/bristol board to cut out the basic characters, then I pained each with acrylic and hinged the elements together with thin wire and gaffer’s tape


Stop Motion Puppetry

I took an amazing course through Poketo and taught by Sean Pecknold and Adi Goodrich in Downtown LA – Sean has dome some wonderful paper cut-out stop motion films for Fleet Foxes among others. It has sort of shifted some of my digital work to a more hands-on approach the past few months


my first paper cut out film in class was this one – Karate Rabbit

Following the class – I built a multiple table so I could shoot layers of flat art a different depths of field – based on the technology pioneered by Walt Disney in the 1930’s – here is the initial setup: